Calcium Hypochlorite

Widely used in disinfection, bleach, sterilization, textile print and bleach, disinfection and sterilization of drinking water, fresh water, breeding camps, fishponds, swimming pools, hospitals, houses and hotels.

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HS code: 28281000
MF: Ca(CIO)2
Molecular Weight:143
Content: 65% min and 70% min
Size: granular, tablets
Class: Hazard Product Category 5.1
Port of loading: Shenzhen
UN Code: 1748
Packing: Plastic drum, iron drum
All packing can be customized.
Delivery: Shipped in 14 days after payment


The product is applicable to chlorine-based bleaching and mercerization of various carpets, as well as textile bleaching and mercerization paper production, etc.
1. The product plays an essential role in improving carpet chemical washing quality, optimizing labor condition, reducing cost, increasing benefit and creating economic effect.
2. Comparing with bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite, the product has better oxychloridation effect. Its application in chlorine-based bleaching and mercerization of carpets can improve luster, soften touch, eliminate loosed fur and make the color more vivid.
3. Its use in chlorine-based bleaching and mercerization of carpets can provide more advanced technology, implement more convenient process, reduce the cost and guarantee better quality, compared to bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite.
4. It can reduce the dusts generated by manual solution of bleaching powder, the labor for cleaning the dusts and environmental pollution.